Loan Box

A Soldier's Haversack:
The American Doughboy Experience, 1917-1918


World War I Themed Loan Box 


The loan box, "A Soldier’s Haversack," approaches the story of World War I through the contextual lens of the American doughboy and his experience of trench warfare with reproduction items that would have been carried or used by the soldier during the war. Studying or even teaching a subject as complex as World War I can prove to be difficult when tasked with explaining sophisticated issues, for example, trench and chemical warfare, shell shock (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), to students. The topic is made accessible by the content of "A Soldier's Haversack" loan box.

While using "A Soldier's Haversack," students will explore World War I from the perspective of the soldier through fun interactive activities incorporating primary and secondary sources such as letters, historical photographs and film footage, WWI-era music, documentaries, and children's literature, as well as reproduction objects.

The activities are suitable for all cognitive learning styles. Included is a teacher's resource guide, featuring a variety of activities and lessons that can be easily implemented in the classroom utilizing the loan box's contents. Two versions of the box are available; one for grades 4th - 6th, and one for 7th - 12th.  When reserving the box, please indicate which version you are requesting.

The loan box is available for pick up by teachers. To reserve "A Soldier's Haversack" loan box for your classroom during the regular school year, please fill out this form:  


For questions please contact:

Shane Lind, Museum Program Coordinator
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This program is supported in part by a grant from the Arkansas Humanities Council.