Youth and Adult Programs

Parks and Recreation offers a variety of programs for youth and adults alike. Online registration is available. 

For more information, please contact Myia Woods, Recreation Programmer at 501-379-1890 or

Programs and Information


About the Classes

The West Central Community Center offers a wide variety of enrichment classes and events for youth and adults alike. Maybe you are looking for parenting classes, financial planning classes, cooking classes, developing friendship skills, improving handwriting or learning about babysitting.

Enrichment Programs & Events

Art and Music

  • West Central Youth Art Contest – April 2021

Do you have a talented artist in your life? It’s never too start early to helping them get their work out there! The West Central Youth Art Contest is an annual event that allows students in elementary, middle and high school an opportunity to become published artists!

Student’s grades 1-12 are invited to submit 2D artwork from a pre-selected theme that involves the community.  The goal of the competition is to engage students in understanding the community and their role in creating the type of environment they want to live in.

First, second and third place winners are selected and the winning art work is displayed in the West Central Community Center for one year.

Registration information will be sent out to schools in January of each year.

  • West Central Community Magazine (link to online version)

The Community of west Central magazine is a publication that focuses on activities and events that take place at the West Central Community Center. 

The annual publication allows us to tell our own story and create our own narrative.


  • KWCP 98.9 LPFM West Central Community Radio is our own in-house radio station!  The station debuted in 2016 and serves as a source of information on activities and events at the WCCC and in the community. 

As a low power station KWCP has a 10 mile radius but on a clear day can be heard all over Little Rock.  To listen to KWCP anywhere in the world, download the – Tune In App from the App Store on your mobile phone and enter the KWCP 98.9 LPFM.

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For the summer of 2021, the staff at the West Central Community Center proposes  a series of summer camps and activities for the students enrolled in the program. 

The WCCC 21st CCLC STEM Summer Camp will include a balanced mix of classroom education, online sessions, creative pursuits, STEM-based instructions, hands-on-training, and field trips.

The summer program will help students stay in practice over the summer. There will be time set aside for students to review math, common core, English, reading and vocabulary for next year. This way the students can get ahead and stay ahead.

The most important step in our summer camp is to make learning fun again. Kids want to go back to school to learn and interact. They should not be put into a classroom and just taught on a whiteboard. Learning needs to be reinvented for future generations. Our STEM Summer Camp will lead the way, and design experiments to make learning enjoyable.

The students enrolled in the camps will be able to take advantage of a summer program that will be fun and will boost their cognitive skills.




The Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) initiative is the only federal funding source dedicated exclusively to supporting local afterschool, before-school and summer learning programs. The program serves nearly 2 million youth, through grants awarded by state education agencies.  Each state receives funds based on its share of Title I funding for low-income students. Grants support local schools and community based organizations that provide afterschool and summer learning programs to students attending high-poverty, low-performing schools. 21st CCLC was reauthorized in 2015 as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Programs support:

  • Academic enrichment activities that can help students meet state and local achievement standards.
  • A broad array of additional enrichment services designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program, such as: drug and violence prevention programs, career and technical programs, counseling programs, art, music programs, STEM programs, and physical activity and nutrition education programs.

Virtual Classroom

The WCCC has developed a digital teaching and learning environment in which students enrolled in the 21st CCLC@HOME Virtual Afterschool Program can interact with our certified teachers using learning resources and with one another as they do in a traditional classroom.

In the WCCC virtual classroom setting, face-to-face activities such as presentations and discussions that a teacher traditionally does in a physical classroom will be simulated with web conferencing technology. The teacher will communicate with the students in real time just like in a physical classroom.

PLEASE NOTE:  The afterschool program is NOT a continuation of school.  The curriculum is designed to reinforce what the student learns in the school setting but with an interactive fun approach, so that the student is learning in a non-traditional way.

WC 21st CCLC@Home Virtual After School Program Overview:

  • Live stream the classes from the WCCC using a compatible platform LRSD’s Schoology with an onsite instructor. The interactive sessions, under the direction of our Certified Teachers and Literacy Specialist will guide students through:
    • Guided Homework sessions provided by Certified Teachers in Math, and English, assisted by Philander Smith College Student Teachers from the Division of Education.
    • Virtual Literacy classes will be conducted by Certified Literacy Specialists assisted by Philander Smith College Student Teachers supervised by Dr. Charity Smith.
    • Hands-on STEM activities via live online stream with the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub using modules created by STEM NOLA. Students will pre-register and will receive activity instructions and a materials list (materials mailed to the student’s home on a routine basis) permitting students to participate in online STEM experiences from home.
    • One to One Virtual Tutoring classes will be conducted by Philander Smith College Student Teachers supervised by Dr. Charity Smith, Education Division Director.


Intensive Support

The 100 students will be separated into the following categories based upon Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP Scores from 2019:

Lo Reader – Special Education – 7:1 student to teacher ratio- 33 students

Lo Average Reader – 10:1 student to teacher ratio – 33 students

Average Reader – 10:1 student to teacher ratio – 34 students

We will use the MAP scores from the September 2020 MAP Test as a baseline.  The goal is to move the student a minimum of 25% towards the required MAP score for that category. Special Education students will receive instruction based upon their Individual Education Plan (IEP).





6:00-6:45PM               STEM EXPERIENCE; AND,

7:00:                            END OF DAY