Jr. Park Ranger Day Camp 

Do you have a 9-12 year old who loves the great outdoors?  Is he or she curious about how nature works?  Do you want to foster the importance of building community in your child?  Then you may have a Jr. Park Ranger on your hands!

With the Adventure Guide in hand, each group spends one week of the summer visiting 9 different parks or park facilities where we discuss the flora and fauna in our parks, the history of our parks, environmental issues and how to be a social justice hero.

If the child graduates, at the end of the week he or she will receive a backpack full of outdoor gear, a certificate and a Jr. Ranger t-shirt and badge.  It doesn’t stop there!  The Jr. Ranger will have the opportunity to attend events throughout the year and mentor the new applicants.

Click on the link to learn about the Children’s Bill of Rights and the objectives of the camp.


A child must be a member of the Stephens, Dunbar or Southwest Community Center in order to participate in 2017.

For more info contact:

Karen Sykes, MPA
Park Ranger
500 W. Markham, Rm. 108
Little Rock, AR 72201