Safety Management System


About The Safety Management System

Little Rock Parks and Recreation (LRPR) takes your safety very seriously. The safety of you and your loved ones is of paramount importance to us as you visit our parks, use our recreational facilities such as our golf courses, community centers, or enjoy any number of services we exist to provide for you.  

We at Parks and Recreation understand that safety is more than just simply a passive term used to wish you well from our best intentions; we understand that the actual state of being “safe” requires proactive action to identify all possible hazards that may be associated with your activity, and proactively take the steps necessary, to the extent possible, to manage those risks so you and your loved ones can simply take for granted the underlying safety measures that foster your complete enjoyment and satisfaction as recipients of our Parks and Recreation services.

Our Safety Management System (SMS) establishes a policy of commitment to safety and accountability from top management to the lowest level subordinate; empowers employees at every level in the proactive identification of hazards and risk management right where they are; risk mitigation techniques employed are verified for effectiveness through a process of review until the desired level of safety is reached; and through constant communication, training and education, safety is promoted throughout our organization as we aim to solidify a culture of safety - being just how we do things ‘round here. These principles and others foster not only the safety of our Parks and Recreation family, but also the safety of your family and loved ones as well.  The link below allows you to view the SMS Manual that details the principles that drive LRPR’s functional safety management program.

View the SMS Manuel (PDF)


Safety Risk Management

Safety Risk Management (SRM) is the foundation upon which the safety effort is built and constitutes a continuous process of hazard identification and risk assessment. Each identified hazard is addressed with our Safety Committee; comprised of all LRPR’s Division Heads under the Parks and Recreation Director; possessing over 200 years of combined knowledge and expertise in the Parks and Recreation industry.  The safety risks associated with each hazard are prioritized based on the concepts of “Probability” of occurrence, and “Severity” of occurrence should a negative outcome manifest.  The wealth of knowledge possessed by Committee members as well as precedence with similar hazardous situations either locally or industry-wide, assists greatly with prioritizing each safety concern as well as employing the most effective mitigation or elimination solution.  The Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) comprising the links below constitute a logical, function tool that aides in the decision-making process; effective safety risk management also mandates the efficient use of limited resources.

Risk Assessment Matrix

  • Hazard Probability Table
  • Hazard Severity Categories
  • Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Risk Tolerability Index
  • Hazard Assessment Worksheet
  • Cost of Managing Risk 
  • View the Risk Assessment Matrix (PDF)

How You Can Help

Given the scope of Parks and Recreation operations throughout the City of Little Rock, it is a challenge to identify all existing hazards all the time. This is where you come in: As active participants in our broad array of Parks and Recreation services, you are often in a position to identify conditions that, in your own estimation, you feel may reasonably constitute a safety hazard.  Below is a link to the “Little Rock Parks and Recreation General Public Hazard Identification and Reporting Form” which allows you, the citizen, to play an integral part in your safety.  The form is very simple and easy to complete, allows you to include images (recommended) with your report, and to submit your safety concerns to our SRM database where they are documented, assessed and prioritized, addressed through the proper Parks and Recreation Maintenance Divisions or contracted for service as appropriate, with progress tracked from cradle to grave.  You have the option on the form to include your contact information; this allows you to be kept informed throughout the entire process.  In addition, never hesitate to call and make your safety concerns known whether motivated by urgency, or simply because you so desire.  Thank you.        

Little Rock Parks and Recreation Hazard Identification and Reporting Form (PDF)


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