Fire Code Assessment Fee


New installation or Replacement of Fire Sprinklers

New construction or certain occupancy types may require a sprinkler system or the replacement of an existing sprinkler system. After the sprinkler system has been installed or replaced and ready for testing, a fire marshal has to be onsite to witness the testing. Utilizes Arkansas Fire Prevention code & and National Fire Protection Agency codes for testing. See Ordinance No. 21,677 Section 0 Fire Dept. Fees and how they may apply


Various Fire Suppression System

A. Standpipe system or Combination standpipe and sprinkler system. Certain Occupancies may require a standpipe or sprinkler system.

B. Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression system- For commercial cooking system. Inspected to NFPA 12 standards.

C. Clean agent suppression system – Used to extinguish fires that’s water reactive. Inspected to   NFPA 2001 standards.

D. Foam Suppression System – Commercial Cooking system. Inspected to NFPA 25.

E. Range Hood Suppression System- Vent-a-Hood & Extinguishing System used in commercial kitchens.

F. Dry Chemical Suppression System-Commercial cooking extinguishing system. Inspected to NFPA 17

See Ordinance No. 21,677 Section O Fire Dept. Fees and how they may apply

Fire Alarm & other misc. Fees

A. Fire Alarm test: New fire alarm installation for Commercial properties or when required to bring existing Fire Alarm system up to current Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, a fire marshal must be on site to witness the testing.

B. Tent Inspection: Tents in excess of 400 square feet shall must obtain a tent permit. A fire marshal must inspected the tent according to Arkansas Fire Prevention Code.

C. Ansul System Inspection: Commercial Kitchen Hood extinguishing system. Inspected according to Arkansas Fire Prevention Code. 

D. Re-Inspection Fee:  If Fire Marshal has to return to business to Re-Inspect business.


See Ordinance Number 21,677 Section 0 Fire Dept. Fees and how they may apply.


Click Here for Ordinance Number 21,677.