Training Schedule

The following is the tentative outline dates for your hiring process:

  • Available Online Application (Tentatively November 2021)
  • Written and Physical Fitness Examination (Same Day) (February 2022 - March 2022)
  • Command Staff Interviews (May 2022) 
  • Comprehensive Background Investigation & Polygraph (February - April 2022)
  • Psychological Examination (MMPI) & Physical/Medical Examination (July 2022)
  • Start Entry Level Police Academy (August 2022)
  • Graduation from Entry Level Police Academy (January 2023)

When you complete your application you will be contacted by the City of Little Rock.

You can also follow the Police Department via Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events, testing tips, food plans, workout plans, videos, coffee with a cop events, meet a recruiter events, etc.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a ride-along, please email a recruiter at

The following are the hiring process steps:

  1. Complete Online Application 
  2. Preliminary Background Investigation
  3. Written Examination
  4. Physical Fitness Examination
  5. Comprehensive Background Investigation
  6. Command Staff Interview 
  7. Polygraph Examination
  8. Psychological Examination (MMPI)
  9. Physical/Medical Examination
  10. Enter Entry Level Police Recruit Academy (24 weeks)/ Lateral Level Police Academy (4 weeks)
  11. Graduate Police Recruit Academy 
  12. Field Training Officer Patrol Assignment (90 Days)