Headquarters Division

Captain Dustin Robertson

The Headquarters Division is under the command of Captain Dustin Robertson, who reports to the Assistant Chief of Police - Executive Bureau.

Captain Dustin Robertson has been a member of the Little Rock Police Department for thirty (30) years. He began his career in 1990 as a Patrol Officer assigned to the Southwest Division. In 1994 he was assigned to the Special Investigations Division, initially in the Narcotics Section and later to the Vice Unit. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1997 and was again assigned to the Southwest Division and later to the Special Operations Division where he supervised the River Market Unit. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2003 and was assigned to the Downtown Division as a Shift Commander. He was assigned to the Special Operations Division in 2004 as the Traffic Services Commander until his promotion to Captain in 2007. Prior to his current assignment, Captain Robertson served as the Division Commander for the Downtown, Southwest and Northwest Field Services Divisions, Headquarters Division, and the Special Investigations Division.

Captain Robertson is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, the Arkansas School of Law Enforcement Supervision, Arkansas Leader, and numerous other law enforcement training schools.


The Headquarters Division is comprised of two sections: 

Operations Support Section 

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for collecting, storing, and tracking all evidence and property logged into the department’s RMS. The Property Unit works closely with civilians, officers, detectives, State Crime Lab, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, other law enforcement agencies, and all courts to ensure that case dispositions and property received are accurately tracked in an expeditious manner;

The Warrants / Front Desk Unit is charged with the management of Arrest Warrants and Subpoenas for the Little Rock District Court, 24-Hour Front Desk Coverage, Facility Maintenance of Headquarters, Community Service, and Archives for the Police Department. The unit also assists civilians and the public by providing information requested and with investigations / operations to make warrant arrests;

Emergency Management / Wellness Section 

The Emergency Management Unit of the Police Department is responsible for the coordination, preparedness, and response of Departmental personnel to any man-made or natural disaster that affects the citizens of Little Rock. Through cooperation with County, State and Federal entities the Emergency Management Unit continues to develop and improve the Department’s response plans; and

The Wellness Unit has the mission to create an environment within the LRPD where employees will begin and end their careers in good health, both physically and emotionally. The Wellness Unit is committed to promoting the idea of Wellness for all employees of the Little Rock Police Department.”