O.K.  Program (Our Kids)

O.K. (Our Kids) Program is a free program offering positive guidance & support to African-American males’ ages 12 to 18 years old. The O.K. Program is a national mentoring model for African-American men and boys. The program brings together African-American police officers and pastors around the country to recruit, train and organize African-American men to mentor African-American boys between the  ages of 12 and 18.


  • Promote academic excellence.
  • Provide role models with strong moral character.
  • Raise awareness about incarceration rates of African-American males.
  • Reduce the high incarceration rate of African –American males.
  • Educate young African- American males about how to interact with police officers.
  • Help develop leadership and critical thinking skills.

Current Schools

  • Central High School
  • Hall High School
  • Dunbar Gifted & Talented Magnet Middle School
  • Forest Heights STEM Academy


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Officer Braylon Mays
(501) 350-3556