Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission

The Little Rock Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission is committed to collaborating with individuals and organizations in an effort to realize goals for equity in all facets of our community. The success of the Commission is directly reliant upon the involvement of the community as a whole. The Commission’s mission is to ensure that all the residents of the City and all persons subject to its jurisdiction enjoy equal freedom to pursue their aspirations without discrimination because of race, ethnicity, color or national origin.

For More Information

Ericka Benedicto, Diversity Program Manager
Racial & Cultural Diversity Commission
500 West Markham Street, Room 220W
Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 244-5483

AUTHORITY: Ordinance No. 16,722 (August 2, 1991); Ordinance No. 17,665 (January 20, 1998);
Ordinance No. 17,926 (January 19, 1999); Ordinance No. 18,754 (October 1, 2002); Ordinance No. 20,746
Three (3) years
MEMBERS: Thirteen (13)
DUTIES: To advise and assist the city in combating racism through education, mediation and legislation; to promote equal opportunity and full exercise of civil rights for all person without discrimination because of race, ethnicity, color or national origin; to engage in such activities as may be referred to the Commission by the Board of Directors; and to prepare an annual report of the Commission's activities.
SELECTION: Members of this Commission are appointed by the Little Rock Board of Directors, which consists of the following:

One (1) Ward 1 Representative
One (1) Ward 2 Representative
One (1) Ward 3 Representative
One (1) Ward 4 Representative
One (1) Ward 5 Representative
One (1) Ward 6 Representative
One (1) Ward 7 Representative
Five (5) At-Large Representatives
MEETINGS: Second Thursday of each Month
Willie L. Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center
3805 West 12th Street
11:30 AM

Current Members

Joe E. Blanks Jr.
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

Osyrus Bolly
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

Ellen Brown
(Ward 6)
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

Tim Campbell
(Ward 1)
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

Juliana Flinn
(Ward 3)
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

LeQuieta Grayson
(Little Rock School Board Representative)
Term Expires: 3-31-2022

Kiral Gunter
(Ward 2)
Term Expires: 3-31-2022

Michal Harris
(Ward 4)

Term Expires:  3-31-2020

Rhonda Lewis
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

Hosea Long
(Ward 7)
Term Expires: 3-31-2022

Sharon Oglesby
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

Matthew Ramsey
Term Expires: 3-31-2023

Roger Steging
(Ward 5)
Term Expires: 3-31-2024

City Director Kathy Webb
(Board of Directors Liaison)
Term Expires:  12-31-2022

City Director Ken Richardson
(Board of Directors Liaison)
Term Expires:  12-31-2022