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Covid Vaccine Clinic 2021 (Shot 1)

Pfizer Vaccine available for those 12 and up.  Free School Supplies when you receive the shot. 1st Shot Saturday, July 31st 2nd Shot Saturday, August 21st Read More


Clínica de vacunas Covid 2021 (Toma 1)

Vacuna Pfizer disponible para mayores de 12 años. Útiles escolares gratis cuando reciba la vacuna. 1st Shot Sábado, 31 de julio 2nd Shot Sábado 21 de agosto Read More


City Board of Directors Meeting

6:00 PM: Regular Board Meeting. Board of Directors meetings are being held at The Centre at University Park, where board members, staff and the public are able to observe social distancing. However, r… Read More

August 16, 2021

Little Rock Zoo Board of Governors 8/16/21

Little Rock Zoo Board of Governors 8/16/21)

August 16, 2021 at 4 p.m.

The Little Rock Zoo Board of Governors reviews, consults and advises the City on matters concerning the operation and maintenance of the Little Rock Zoo. The Board’s authority and duties include consulting with and advising the Director of the Zoo and recommending policies and plans for the operation, maintenance or expansion of Zoo facilities and programs to the City. The Board consults with and advises the Director of the Zoo annually to determine the financial needs for the Zoo and to report the budget needs for the next year to the City Manager for inclusion in the City’s Budget.  The Board authorizes the expenditure of monies donated to the City for the use and benefit of the Zoo Department and has all authority, subordinate to that of the Little Rock City Board of Directors or City Manager, to operate and improve the Little Rock Zoo.

Little Rock Zoo

1 Zoo Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205