Parks and Recreation Commission Monthly Meeting

February 14, 2024 / 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

LRPR Commission Meeting - Feb 2024)


The Little Rock Parks and Recreation Commission serves as a vital voice for City parks and community facilities. Their mission involves advising the City on various park-related matters. Through monthly open meetings, they engage in discussions about park plans, facilities, and budgets, emphasizing the importance of public input.

Collaborating closely with the Parks Director and staff, the Commission recommends policies, acquisitions, fees, and more to ensure transparent governance and the continuous improvement of the City's parks through adherence to the 2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Annually, they provide a comprehensive report to the Little Rock Board of Directors, keeping the public informed about park operations, facilities, and programs.

The Commission invites the community to actively participate, recognizing that collective engagement contributes to the enhancement of Little Rock's green spaces for everyone to enjoy.


The Centre at University Park

6401 W. 12th St
Little Rock, AR 72204

(501) 371-4770

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