Movies at MacArthur

August 20, 2024 / 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Movies at MacArthur - Aug '24)


Join Little Rock Parks & Recreation for the "Movies at MacArthur" series, a cinematic experience held at the historical Museum of Arkansas Military History in collaboration with AETN and Arkansas PBS. This ongoing program promises a blend of entertainment, education, and community with fellow history buffs. These curated films will be complemented with refreshments and healthy discussion, elevating the experience for a memorable night at the Museum!

Featured Film: The Waler: Austrailian War Horses (62 minutes)

Over 130,000 Australian horses served in the Great War of 1914-18. Nearly 30,000 were engaged in the Middle East. Popularly known as 'Walers', they carried their men to victory on the long road to Damascus.  This is the story of their colonial origins, their gallant service, and their shameful fate. After the disaster of Gallipoli, and with the Ottoman Turks threatening the Suez Canal, regiments of the Australian Light Horse were to undertake a grueling three-year campaign to drive the Turks from the Sinai and Palestine, culminating in the 'Great Ride' through the Jordan Valley and the capture of Damascus. This epic desert war couldn't have been undertaken without the horses, or the small army of horse breakers, veterinarians, farriers, saddlers and feed suppliers that were essential to keeping thousands of horses in the field and battle-ready. Intense bonds between man and horse developed, and the loss of a horse in battle was a harrowing experience.

"Movies at MacArthur" is not just about entertainment or education; it's a celebration of this historic community and an opportunity to enjoy the unique setting of the Museum. As a valued member of the community, your presence will add to the warmth and vibrancy of this event. To be part of this cinematic series, simply join us at the Museum and immerse yourself in conversation, camaraderie, and the magic of the silver screen. No RSVP required—just come and enjoy!


MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

503 E. 9th St
Little Rock, AR 72202

(501) 376-4602

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