Home Occupation Accessory Use Conditions

The following conditions must be strictly adhered to, and any expansion beyond the scope of this approval will be cause for revocation of your accessory use permit.

  1. Only 49% or a maximum of 500 square-feet of the principal residential structure can be used for the operation of your business. This shall include telephone, bookkeeping, and office service.
  2. Only one (1) service or company vehicle with a capacity of less than one ton can be parked, stored or maintained at this location. The following types of vehicles are expressly prohibited at any time:
    1. All commercial tow vehicles or vehicle carriers.
    2. Dump trucks or trash haulers.
    3. Flat bed or stake bed trucks.
    4. Trailers whose designed intent is storage or transport of material or equipment.
    5. Trucks or buses used in inter or intrastate commerce.
    6. Vans, with a capacity of one (1)-ton or larger, used for other than a private passenger vehicle.
    7. School or church buses or vans one (1)-ton in carrying capacity or greater.
  3. No outside storage of equipment or materials is allowed except that material or equipment that is kept on your vehicle.
  4. There can be no use of any accessory structure on this property for the use of storage or for the purpose of conducting business.
  5. No present or future employees are permitted to report to this location for job assignment or duties on the site.
  6. No additional building or remodeling is allowed on this property to accommodate this business.

Home occupations shall be permitted that will not:

  1. Change the outside appearance of the dwelling or provide product display visible from the street.
  2. Generate traffic, parking, sewage, or water use in excess of what is normal in the residential neighborhood.
  3. Create a hazard to persons or property, result in electrical interference or become a nuisance.
  4. Result in outside storage or display of any material or product.
  5. Involve accessory buildings.
  6. Result in signage beyond that which may be required by other government agencies.
  7. Limited to 500 square-feet in area, but in no case more than 49% of the total area in a dwelling.
  8. Stock in trade shall not exceed 10% of the floor area of the accessory use.
  9. Require the construction of, or the addition to, the residence of duplicate kitchens.
  10. Require or cause the use or consumption on the premises of any food product produced thereon.
  11. Provide medical treatment, therapeutic massage or similar activities.