Acquisitions and Inventory Division


The Acquisitions and Inventory Division strives to provide all City of Little Rock Departments with the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective moving work equipment and materials repair necessary to meet the City of Little Rock's mission.

Acquisitions and Inventory Offices:

The Fleet Services Department Acquisitions and Inventory offices are located at 3314 J.E. Davis Drive in Little Rock. The office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We are closed on major holidays.

The Acquisition and Inventory Division is responsible for vehicle purchasing, parts and fleet inventory, stock parts for maintenance facilities, ensuring compliance with City Purchasing procedures for Fleet purchases, parts purchases and annual purchase orders and distribution.

Kenneth Mulkey is the Fleet Acquisitions and Inventory Manager.  He manages all procedures and processes related to vehicular acquisitions, parts inventory, bids, annual purchase orders, Department recertification, grant compliance and Fleet’s special projects.  Mr. Mulkey may be reached via email at or by phone at (501) 918-4235.

Changus Bell, Nita Moser and Robin Nelson are the Fleet Services Procurement Specialists.  They are responsible for obtaining bids and developing specifications for vehicle parts and repairs.  In addition, they are responsible for the processing of all Annual Purchase Order contracts and ensuring compliance with City purchasing procedures for parts and repair purchases.

For More Information:

Kenneth Mulkey- Fleet Acquisitions and Inventory Manager
Fleet Services Department
3314 J.E. Davis Drive
Little Rock, AR  72209
(501) 918-4235