Financial Management


The Financial Management Division handles all financial aspects of the Fleet Services Department. This includes: budget preparation and monitoring for Fleet Services Department; processing payment for all incoming invoices and purchase orders; billing City of Little Rock Departments and outside customers for services rendered; preparing and maintaining files on all accidents and incidents involving City vehicles and/or equipment, and processing insurance claims; auditing internal inventory and capital assets; and preparing financial and analytical reports. 

Financial Management Offices:

The Support Services Division is located at 3314 J.E. Davis Drive in Little Rock. The hours of operation are 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We are closed on major holidays.

Financial Management Staff

Accounting Specialist: Responsible for the departmental and outside agency billing, capital assets, parts and internal inventory, contract and purchase orders invoices for the department.

Accounting Clerk II: Responsible for processing all straight pay invoices and reconcile vendor statements for the Department. 

Fleet Asset Specialist: Responsible for creating and maintaining the City's vehicle and equipment records.  In addition, he receives and reviews the City's accident and incident reports and follows up with the City's automotive insurance company.  He serves as the facilitator for the City's Accident Review Committee to review accident and incident reports and assess points to the City driver.  Also, he assigns Fleet's motor pool vehicles to City departments.

Helpful Forms:

CLR Accident - Incident Report Form

Vehicle Accident Procedure

Vehicle Accident Report Form (City's Insurance Carrier's Form)

Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report (SR-1)

Supervisor's Investigation Report Form - Motor Vehicle Accident


For More Information:

Donna Facen, Fleet Financial Manager
Fleet Services Department
3314 J.E. Davis Drive
Little Rock, AR  72209
(501) 918-4236