Vehicle Storage Facility


Vehicle Storage Facility provides our customers with diverse services through regulation of for-hire transportation services, administering vehicle storage processes and disposal of unclaimed and abandoned vehicles through public auction as required by law.

General Information:

The Vehicle Storage Facility operates on a twenty-four (24)-hour basis with administrative business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM; closed from 12:00 noon until 1:00 PM. Open on Saturday from 8:00 AM until noon; we are closed on major holidays. The Facility is closed on Sundays.

The Vehicle Storage Facility is responsible for storing impounded vehicles towed to the facility via contract wrecker services. Vehicles remaining unclaimed or abandoned by the owner or the lien holder for more than forty-five (45) days are eligible for auction.

Note: All tow requests are dispatched by the 911 Communication Center. Wrecker requests are initiated by the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD).

Vehicle Retrieval and Required Documents

In order to retrieve a vehicle, customers will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership: (a) Current vehicle registration (document must not be expired); or (b) a signed bill of sale (document must be signed by the seller and buyer); or (c) the motor vehicle title (signed by the seller and buyer); or (d) a dealer sales contract.
  • Proof of Automobile Insurance:  The vehicle owner must provide current automobile insurance of the vehicle being retrieved (insurance must not be expired).  If no insurance is provided, the vehicle must be towed off the lot by a wrecker (a truck with trailer is acceptable); tow-vehicle must be insured.  All tow-vehicles must show proof of insurance to drive on the storage lot.  Note: The Vehicle Storage Facility DOES NOT regulate State insurance policies.
  • Verification of Identity:  (a) Vehicle owner must present a valid state driver’s license; or (b) provide a valid State-issued identification card. 
  • Document Required to Drive Vehicle off Lot:  (a) The owner must present a valid state driver’s license to drive the vehicle off the lot; or (b) bring a licensed driver to drive the vehicle for the owner; or (c) have the vehicle towed off the lot.  
  • For additional questions concerning vehicle retrieval and required documents, please contact the Administrative Assistant, Cynthia White by e-mail or call (501) 918-4265 or (501) 918-4260.

Fee Structure

Contact the Vehicle Storage Facility at (501) 918-4260 for impoundment fee structure.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances may apply, in which a party, other than the registered owner may retrieve the vehicle. Such circumstances may include:

  • Lien holders and insurance companies
  • Wrecker companies
  • Rental vehicles or business-owned vehicles
  • Must provide applicable legal documents to retrieve a deceased registered owner’s vehicle
  • Present Power of Attorney and deployment orders for Deployed Military members
  • Provide a Letter of Incarcerated Persons for citizens who are imprisoned

Please have valid driver's license or State-issued ID, proof of registration or notarized statement from registered owner and business card if representing a company.


  • A vehicle becomes eligible for auction sales once it has remained in the Vehicle Storage Facility for forty-five (45) consecutive days.
  • Auctions are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
  • Auction gate opens at 8:30 AM and bidding starts at 9:00 AM. Auctions are subject to cancellation without notice. Auctions are open to the public.
  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years old to register and present a valid driver's license. A bidder card must be purchased for $5.00. Bidder cards are valid for one (1)-year from the date of purchase.
  • All sales are as is; no refunds, warranties, or trade-in.
  • A list of auction vehicles is located in the Classified Section (Legal Notice) of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
  • For additional questions concerning the auction, contact Charlene Long, Auction Supervisor, at e-mail or call (501) 918-4266 or (501) 918-4268.

Click here to download the latest Auction List.

Auction Date:5/22/2024 - Auction Number: 730

Click here to view photos of a few auction items.

NOTE: Updated auction list and vehicle photos will be posted every Friday before the auction. Auction list and photos are subject to change without notice. 

Transportation Code Enforcement

  • The Vehicle Storage Facility regulates City transportation for-hire services, to include taxicabs, shuttle services, luxury services, pedi-cabs; limousine services and horse/carriage services to ensure compliance with the City Transportation Code. Please direct for-hire transportation complaints to Wendell Brooks at e-mail or call (501) 918-4210.

For More Information

Monica Crayton, Fleet Administrative and Vehicle Storage Services Manager
Fleet Services Department
7801 Jamison Road
Little Rock, AR 72209
(501) 918-4260