Land Bank Properties Available for Development

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Forms & Applications


How to Proceed...

Review the following documents on the Land Bank Commission Website

  • Land Bank Property Inventory List
  • Priorities and Policies for Property Acquisition and Disposition
  • Federal Funding Guidelines/HUD Annual Household Income Limits for properties marked Federal on the inventory list
  • Land Bank Definitions


Complete a Homebuyer Counseling Class (if applicable)

  • The City of Little Rock can provide a list of local agencies that provide Homebuyer Counseling Services.  For more information, call 501-371-4848.


Consult with a bank, mortgage company or credit union to determine mortgage financing options and obtain loan pre-approval.

  • Please include a copy of the pre-approval letter from the mortgage financial institution with the land transfer application.


Consult with a licensed contractor for construction financing information, construction plans and construction cost estimates.

  • The Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board maintains a list of licensed contractors.  A new construction or rehabilitation project may require a construction loan during the construction phase of the project. 
  • A copy of your building plans and specifications, time estimates, and costs should be attached to the Land Bank Transfer and Purchase Application.


Consult with Neighborhood Association within the area.


Review the requirements regarding City Permits and Inspections that are necessary when new home construction or property rehabilitation is done. 

  • The permit desk can be reached at 501-371-4832.  
  • In addition, check with Planning and Development for zoning requirements (if applicable) at 501-371-4844.


Review the Deed Restriction that is used when City of Little Rock Land Bank properties are sold or transferred. 

  • The deed restriction can be found on the Land Bank website.



Submit a Land Transfer Application to the Redevelopment Administrator


Attend Land Bank Commissioners meeting to present application and answer questions.


Receive Land Bank Commission decision.


Receive City of Little Rock Board decision.