Current Land Bank Commissioners


Tyrun Haynie

LRBC CHAB Representative

Tavonia Strickland

LRBC At Large/ Secretary

Natalie James

LRBC At Large

Lisa Ginn

LRBC- Ward 2 Representative

Kimberly Lee

LRBC Financial Institution / Chairman

Katrina Smit

LRBC Ward 1 Representative

Tracy Cryder 

LRBC Low/Moderate Income Housing Representative

Derrick D. Fletcher

LRBC Housing Industry Representative

Dr. Ericka O'Neal-McCarroll

LRBC At Large

Kendall Lewellen

LRBC At Large

Joan Adcock

LRBC Board of Directors Liaison

Virgil Miller Jr.

LRBC Board of Directors Liaison


LBC Housing Authority Representative