Network Security

The Networking Division is responsible for approximately 230 Windows and Linux servers on the City network that provide services such as E-mail, Internet, Firewall and applications dedicated to individual departments. The Division maintains the City’s extensive infrastructure comprised of network routers, fiber optic and copper cabling, wireless links, leased circuits and computer workstations. External network connectivity is managed by Network Services Staff, including Internet connectivity, VPN access and the NCIC law enforcement connection. Network security is a primary focus of this division, and significant resources are devoted to virus and SPAM mitigation, protection from unauthorized external sources, and internal auditing for violations of the City’s acceptable use policy. The Networking division provides voice telephone services to most City offices through a dedicated VOIP system. Voice and data systems are now carried on separate infrastructures; however, the City network of the future will have to carry voice, data and video to support the rapid development of new software applications that City Departments will use to bring new services to their citizens.

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Information Technology Department
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