Parking Enforcement




Additional information: BOOT NOTICE

Post Immobilization Hearing Procedure

What you need to do when you find your car has been booted.

There is an additional fee of $100.00 added after the boot has been applied.

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Parking Enforcement

The mission of Parking Enforcement is to support the viability of downtown Little Rock while balancing the competing demands for limited parking spaces between downtown employees, shoppers and visitors to our fine City. It is also to support the efficient and safe movement of daily traffic and to insure emergency service vehicles can traverse the downtown area when responding to emergencies.

The Parking Enforcement Section of Public Works is responsible for the enforcement of all City ordinances related to Little Rock District on-street parking throughout the downtown area, the River Market, and the area around Children's Hospital. The City of Little Rock consists of 123 square miles. Parking Enforcement patrols approximately 1 square mile of the downtown area. Within this area there are 1,400 metered spaces, 520 regulated parking spaces, numerous loading zones and no parking zones. Parking citations are issued for both meter and non-meter violations. In addition Parking Enforcement Technicians provide directions for tourists and visitors to our City, and assist in locating stolen vehicles and license plates.

Common Parking Violations

Note: Not all circumstances are stated for every specific violation. Anyone parking in the City of Little Rock needs to comply with the following rules and any other special parking regulations. Source: Code of Ordinances, City of Little Rock, Chapter 32, Article VI.

Violation Codes

Code Description
O11 ORD 32-302 No H/C Tag Displayed H/C Zone
O12 ORD 32-304 Wrong Side of Street
O13 ORD 32-304 >18 Inches From Curb
O14 ORD 32-309-1 No Parking On Sidewalk
O16 ORD 32-309-3 Parked in Intersection
O17 ORD 32-309-4 Within 15 Ft of a Fire Hydrant
O25 ORD 32-309-14 Sign No Parking Here to Corner
026 ORD 32-309-14 Sign No Parking Here to Corner
027 ORD 32-309-14 Sign No Parking Reserved Parking
028 ORD 32-309-14 No Parking Between Signs
O29 ORD 32-310 Obstructing Traffic
O31 ORD 32-311 Alley Non-Commercial Vehicle
O32 32-311 Alley Not Unloading/Loading
O33 ORD 32-311 Obstructing Alley
O34 ORD 32-312-1 Displayed for Sale/Advertising
O35 ORD 32-312-2 Repair/Wash on a City Street
O36 ORD 32-316 City Owned Reserved Parking
O37 ORD 32-317 Parked in a Fire Lane
O38 ORD 32-319 Unattended with Motor Running
O39 ORD 32-341 Loading Zone Over Time Limit
O41 ORD 32-343 No Parking Passenger Loading Zn
O42 ORD 32-344 Loading Zone Non-Commercial Veh
O43 ORD 32-345 No Parking Taxi Zone
O44 ORD 32-345 No Parking Bus Stop
O45 ORD 32-347 No Parking Hotel Loading Zone
O46 ORD 32-372 No Parking Anytime
O47 ORD 32-373 Sign No Parking 7:00AM TO 6:00PM
O48 ORD 32-373 Sign No Parking 7AM-9AM
O49 ORD 32-373 Sign No Parking 4PM-6PM
O51 ORD 32-375 Time Zone Over 30 Minute Limit
O52 ORD 32-375 Time Zone Over 1 Hour Limit
O53 ORD 32-376 Public Park, Not A Parking Space
O54 ORD 32-378-2 Time Zone Over 2 Hour Limit
O55 ORD 32-378-2 Consecutive Time Zone Violation
O56 ORD 32-402 Use of 2 Meters
O57 ORD 32-403-B Expired Meter
O59 ORD 32-403-C H/C In Excess Meter Time Limit
O62 ORD 32 Other
O63 ORD 32-309-2R Blocking Public/Private Driveway
O64 ORD 32-309-5R On a Crosswalk
O65 ORD 32-309-6R 20 Ft Crosswalk at Intersection
O66 ORD 32-309-7R 30 Ft Traffic Control Device
O67 ORD 32-309-10R 20 Ft Entrance to Fire Station
O68 ORD 32-309-14R Sign Prohibiting Parking
O69 ORD 32-376 Public Park Not In Designated Lines
O70 ORD 32-411 Pay and Display Receipt Expired
O71 ORD 32-411 Pay and Display Receipt Not Displayed

Parking Meter Enforcement

Meter Instructions

Insert one coin at a time. Meters will automatically register the time allowed for each coin inserted in the meter. All meters have a time limit, generally two (2)hours, except around the Little Rock Convention Center where the meters are four (4) hours. Meters will not give additional time regardless of the number of coins deposited.

Meter Hours of Operation

Parking meters operate 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday through Friday. The City also observes free parking on Saturdays and Sundays as well as well as certain holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Veterans Day, July 4, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving, December 25th, New Year's Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday and Robert E Lee's Birthday.

Broken Meters

Occasionally meters do not function properly. To report a meter you believe is malfunctioning you may record the meter number and call 501-371-4528. Each meter has a unique serial number and that will allow us to know specifically which meter is malfunctioning.

River Market

The River Market District does not have single space meters. Instead a system of Pay and Display Stations is utilized. There are eight (8) Pay and Display stations located throughout the River Market. You must walk to one of the Stations to obtain a Pay and Display Receipt. return to your vehicle and display the receipt on your dashboard. The receipt should be displayed in the curb-side of your dashboard. There are easy to follow instructions on the face of each Pay and Display Station.

Parking for Persons With Disabilities

The meters in use in the City of Little Rock are ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) approved. Therefore, persons with H/C (handicapped) placards must still utilize the meters. Additionally, parking spaces for persons with disabilities have been located in the downtown area. These spaces have been designated with signs for visibility and convenience. Vehicles that are parked in a designated space must display the proper license plate or placard. Application for handicapped placards may be obtained at any office of the State Department of Revenue. Ask for Form 10336, which is then submitted to the requestor's physician who will determine the requestor's eligibility.

On-Street Locations of Handicapped Parking
400 block of State Street
100 block of Spring Street
600 block of Main Street
100 block of West Markham
100 block of Ottenheimer Plaza
600 block of President Clinton Avenue

Parking Fines

Overtime Parking at a Meter
$15.00, if paid within 30 days
$50.00, if paid after 30 days
Time Zone Violation
$15.00, if paid within 30 days
$50.00, if paid after 30 days
Non-Meter Violations
$30.00, if paid within 30 days
$45.00, if paid after 30 days
Parking in a Handicap Zone With No Handicap Placard

Immobilization Fees

Once the boot device has been applied there will be an additional fee added

Credit/Bank Card Transaction Fees

Whether paying in person, on-line, or over-the-phone a small fee will be applied (via INA)

Paying a Parking Citation

In Person

You may pay in person at the Little Rock District Municipal Court Building located at 600 W. Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may pay in cash. You may also pay by check, money order or credit card. If paying with a check, money order or credit card you must have one of the following forms of official identification: an Arkansas driver's license, an Arkansas identification card, a military identification card, or a passport.

By Mail

Parking fines may be paid by mail using a check or money order. The check or money order should be made payable to the City of Little Rock. You should note the citation number to be paid and the license plate of the vehicle on the check or money order. If only the license plate is included, then the amount of the check or money order will be posted to the oldest citation first. Mail the check or money order to Little Rock District Court, 600 W. Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201.

By Phone

You may call 866-353-0465. You will need your citation number or license plate information to pay by phone.

On Line

You may pay citations on line by going to Paying citations on line will require a credit card and the citation number of the citation you intend to pay.

Contesting a Citation

You may contest a parking citation by appearing in Environmental Court on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. The Environmental Court is located in the Little Rock District Court, 600 W. Markham, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. The Environmental Court Judge does not adjudicate citations by mail or outside the courtroom. To contest a parking citation you must appear in person in court.

Failure to Pay a Fine or Appear in Court to Contest a Citation

The following actions may occur if unpaid citations accumulate and the person fails to appear in court to contest them.

  • The vehicle may be immobilized/booted.
  • After 90 days all unpaid fines are turned over to a collection agency for collection efforts.

Contacting Parking Enforcement

If you have any questions concerning the issuance of a parking citation or parking in Little Rock, you may contact Parking Enforcement at (501) 371-4528.