Recycling FAQs and Contact Info

Below are some common questions about recycling in Little Rock 


My recycling was missed, how do I get it picked up? 

If your recycling cart has not been picked up by 5 p.m. on your pick-up day and you've made sure there are no contaminants in the cart, please use 311 (501-371-4437) to report a missed recycling pick-up. You may leave your recycling cart at the curb until it is emptied.

Why was my recycling cart missed? 

A recycling cart may not have been picked up if it included any contaminants, such as plastic bags (including trash bags that hold your recycling), styrofoam, food, yard waste, watering hose, glass, clothing, or building materials like wood and drywall. If your cart did not have any of these items in it, and it was still missed, there is a chance the cart was not out by 7am or it was obstructed by a car or other object when the truck came. Recycling trucks are now equipped with cameras that we can use to determine the exact cause of missed carts. Contact 311 to report a missed recycling or trash pick up.

My cart (recycling or trash) went missing on my pick up day. 

Sometimes recycling carts accidentally fall into the recycling truck when they are being emptied. If your recycling cart goes missing on your pick up day you can request a replacement cart by submitting a 311 request. Submit a "recycling cart issue" request and select "need replacement cart." 

I moved into a house (single family, duplex, triplex, quadplex) and do not have a recycle (or trash) cart, what do I do? 

After signing up with Central Arkansas Water for Utility Billing Services, you can use 311 (call or download the 311 app) to request a cart.   

My recycle bin is not big enough, what do I do? 

You can request a second recycle cart by using our 311 service (501-371-4437). You will be charged an extra $3.11 per month for every additional recycle bin. 

Who can request a recycling presentation or tour? 

The Sustainability Educator is available for daytime, evening, and weekend presentations and events. Learn more on the Presentation and Tour webpage

For any unanswered questions please contact the Sustainability Office:

(501) 371-4646