Pick Up Day

Recycling carts are emptied on the same day as trash carts, but only picked up every other week. Use the map below to determine whether you recycle on the GREEN weeks or the GOLD weeks. Garbage is picked up every week and yard waste (such as leaves & branches) is picked up the DAY AFTER garbage every week.

Click here to view the interactive map and type your street address to see what your pickup day is (Monday - Friday). You'll need to click the black dot, then the white arrow (blue bar at top) to view your residential information.

Pick Up Week 

Recycling across the city is broken up into 2 cycles: "Gold" weeks and "Green" weeks. 

Click here to view the map and zoom in to your street address to see whether you're located in a "Green" or "Gold" week area. Once you know if you're "Gold" or "Green" week, you can use our Recycling Calendar to stay on track! If you need a calendar mailed to your address you can request one by calling the number above or by emailing recycle@littlerock.gov. If you have any questions, you can call the Recycling & Sustainability Programs Educator at (501) 371-4646.


Fig. 1. Click on this map and zoom into your street to see if you have gold or green week recycling pickup.


Fig. 2. Click on this calendar to download a printable PDF version.