Green Guide for Events


In our research and experience, we have found that the simplest measures are the most effective ones. We recommend local event planners start their journey Toward Zero Waste by focusing on one sustainable effort at a time. Steps to reduce waste can include elimination of items such as single-use plastics, collecting recyclable materials, and encouraging attendees to bring reusable bottles and bags.

Your vendors and attendees will need realistic, achievable goals, clear direction on how to accomplish the goals, and your support to help them in their efforts. Volunteers are a crucial component to your success, as they will be educators and enforcers on the day(s) of your event. The Little Rock Sustainability Office is here to provide you with assistance along the way!



We have developed a 3-pronged approach to the creation of our sustainability guidelines:

What the event can do.
What the vendors can do.
What the attendees can do.

What the Event Organizer Can Do


Communicating your guidelines clearly and confidently to your vendors, attendees, and community is critical to your success. 


Share resources with your vendors, tips with your attendees, and use signage and volunteers on the day(s) of your event to help everyone succeed (and take lessons home that positively impact the community). 


Event organizers must be adamant about the sustainability goals and define a system for dealing with nonobservance (particularly with vendors). Use signage and volunteers on the day(s) of your event to enforce efforts.

What the Vendors Can Do


We all have to recognize that how we are packaging and selling products is mostly unsustainable. Take responsibility for the role your business plays in environmental stewardship and realize that the Natural State is for future generations and the convenience of today should not be first priority.


Respect the goals of the event and do your part when packaging and presenting your product. Imagine if you had to personally deal with all of the waste from your product - make it minimal, biodegradable, and/or easily recyclable.


We know that people must curtail our single-use, convenience-driven lifestyles to expect a good quality of life for future generations. This is a mission that is gaining traction throughout the business sector! Share your sustainability successes with your patrons, and you will both be gratified at the greening of your practices and products.


What the Event Attendees Can Do


Share and support your efforts online and by word of mouth! Give plenty of opportunity for the community to engage and react to your sustainability goals.


On the day of the event, attendees must come prepared to meet your goals. By bringing their own vessels, saying no to straws, and separating waste properly, everyone will be contributing to waste reduction in the Natural State.


Urge attendees and the community to take these lessons beyond your event. Challenge them with ways to think outside the “plastic box” and engage with them on their efforts as a follow up!

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