Water Use


What You Need to Know

Fats, Oils, and Grease (aka F.O.G.) can cause major issues to waste water service lines in and around restaurants and homes. That is why the city passed Ordinance 21,801 requiring all restaurants to handle these materials appropriately. Ensure your business handles fats, oils and grease in a legal and environmentally sensitive manner, and prevents harmful downstream impacts.

This includes dry-wiping pots and pans before rinsing & dishwashing (i.e, use a paper towel to wipe and remove all excess FOG from pan and dispose of in a lined trash can), scraping excess food from cookware & serviceware into trash (or compost bin), using a sink screen to capture smaller food particles while rinsing, washing floor mats in utility sinks (indoors, not outdoors), and of course, regular maintenance of your grease trap or interceptor.

To obtain Tier 1 certification, ensure appropriate signs are in place as a continuous reminder to employees to comply with your FOG requirements. You will be able to explain the processes of cleaning applicable equipment, and share the name of your grease hauler and/or provide SwiftComply account information.


How You Could Start

Explore the resources below to ensure your full compliance before certification walk-through.



Click to download and print FOG poster to post above sinks

Explore information on Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority's FOG webpages

Click to view interactive list of registered FOG haulers

Register with LRWRA here to create your SwiftComply Account



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