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The City's Performance & Innovation Coordinator is focused on helping the City deliver efficient and first-rate services and promoting exceptional quality of life for its residents through the use of data driven decisions. The Performance & Innovation Coordinator works to enable City departments and City government as a whole to measure, track, and report on the progress of major goals and initiatives and utilize data and evidence to make policy and program decisions. Performance Management systems and strategies are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services to city residents and services that support departments and operations.


The City envisions a collaborative and innovative city government working in conjunction with our residents to create and sustain a community where everyone thrives.


The Performance & Innovation Coordinator partners with city departments to strengthen strategic goals, identify meaningful indicators that can demonstrate service trends and improvements, build capacity to collect and analyze data, and design user-friendly tools to transparently communicate performance metrics and City data internally and to the public.

Performance & Innovation focuses on the following areas:

  • Creating documentation for data standards
  • Reviewing and streamlining performance measures
  • Developing, updating, or refining clear goals, measures, and data collection strategies
  • Data analyses
  • Developing training for building the data literacy of City staff and residents
  • Advancing the City’s Open Data and performance culture
  • Providing framework for data driven decisions
  • Fostering a culture of innovation
  • Leading process improvements


The Performance & Innovation Coordinator hosts the City's Annual Open Data Day event, which include hands on learning opportunities for community members and those interested in advancing the Open Data work of the City. 

Lights On - The City of Little Rock is dedicated to improving the safety of our city. A simple way to increase community safety is to ensure that our neighborhoods are adequately lit at night. Help us increase safety in your neighborhood by performing a Lights On streetlight canvass with your neighborhood association or community based group.  

Lights On Little Rock GuidE  (PDF)

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