About the BFCC

Little Rock’s Bike Friendly Community Committee (BFCC) is a group of Little Rock citizens dedicated to making Little Rock a better place to ride a bicycle for transportation and recreation.  The committee was formed by the mayor to assist and advise the City as we work together to make our community more bike-friendly.  Thanks to years of hard work and dedication of many citizens, city staff members, elected officials, and local organizations, Little Rock earned Bike-Friendly Community Bronze designation by the League of American Bicyclists in May 2016.  The BFCC is using the momentum of this award to continue taking bold steps to make Little Rock a friendly community for bicyclists.

The BFCC currently has ten Voting Members:  
Ed Levy (chairman)                          elevy@cromwell.com 
Coreen Frasier                                 fursecl@sbcglobal.net
Brett Budolfson                                bbudolfson@gmail.com
Mason Ellis                                      bicycleadvocacypresident@gmail.com
Michael Sprague                              michael.sprague@hotmail.com
Dave Roberts                                  Dave.Roberts@craftontull.com
Katie Helms                                    kehelms@ualr.edu
Ken Gould                                       ksgould@ualr.edu
Nathan Keltch                                 nate@recyclebikesforkids.org
Jason Tipton                                   jason.tipton.gis@gmail.com

The BFCC currently has four Advisory Members:
Jeremy Lenow                                explorelr@bobbysbikehike.com
Jess Askew III                                Jess.Askew@kutakrock.com
Donald Richardson                          Donald.Richardson@lrsd.org
Gene Pfeifer                                   pfeiferiii@earthlink.net

Some BFCC members have professional experience as attorneys, architects, and engineers.  Others have background in real estate development.  All are cyclists and all are committed to the goal of making Little Rock a better place to ride a bike.

Representatives from many of Little Rock’s departments (e.g. Public Works, Planning and Development, Parks and Recreation, and LRPD) attend and participate in BFCC monthly public meetings. They are able to give updates into ongoing projects and inform BFCC discussions.

The BFCC is making real progress toward making our community bike-friendly. In addition to helping our community earn Bike-Friendly Bronze designation, the BFCC has worked with the City of Little Rock and Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas to institute a Master Bike Plan, hold community bike fairs, pass the Complete Streets Ordinance, implement several street and trail improvements, and create a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator position for the City of Little Rock.