Bike Friendly Businesses

A shield showing League of American Bicyclists Bike Friendly Business designation

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) knows creating a more Bicycle Friendly America requires a multi-faceted approach. One important facet are businesses that encourage their employees and customers to bike and are good corporate citizens to promote a Bicycle Friendly Community

An employee of a Bicycle Friendly Business might be provided end-use bike parking, shower/locker facilities, flexible start/end times, compensation for an unused parking spot, or other encouragements to bike to work.  Consumer-driven businesses might encourage their customers to bike by providing quality bike parking, discounts to bike commuters, and other incentives.  Bike friendly businesses might seek to support bicycle advocacy and bicycle projects in the community.  LAB's Bike Friendly Business program recognizes these outstanding corporate citizens and also guides businesses to the most effective measures to become more bike friendly.

Little Rock's Bicycle Friendly Businesses include McClelland Engineering and Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.  Thank you, MCE and AFMC, for all that you do to promote a strong bicycling culture within your business and in Little Rock!

Would you like to earn Bicycle Friendly Business status for your business?  Would you like to get guidance from LAB, individually tailored to your business, that would help it become more bike friendly?  Would you like your employer to make it easier for you to bike into work?  The City of Little Rock would like to help.  2020 applications are due February 20, 2020.  Please reach out to if you are interested in becoming a Bike Friendly Business!