Health Resources

These references consider health statistics of Arkansas and the US and how walking and biking affect health.

State of Obesity 2016
This report considers childhood and adult obesity trends and the most effective interventions.  It is also the source of the statistics showing Arkansas has the 2nd highest physical inactivity rate6th highest adult obesity rate, 4th highest high school obesity rate7th highest adult diabetes rate, and 4th highest adult hypertension rate.  

Bike Commuting Promotes Health
This paper references several studies that conclude that bike commuting helps to prevent weight gain and promote health.  Most commuting occurs on streets with bike lanes or separated paths; installing bike infrastructure promotes public health.

Active Transportation Associated with Lower BMI
This is yet another paper showing that active transportation promotes health.  Presumably the difference between transportation and recreation here is that recreation is elective while transportation is a necessary part of daily life.  

Walking's Health Benefits
This paper lists several health benefits of walking.  Here is a similar article.