Your recycling is picked up every other week, the same day as your garbage collection.

  • Recycling pick-up will be in the same location your garbage is picked up.  For example, if your trash is picked up in the alley, recycling will be picked up in the alley. 
  • Please allow for a minimum of three (3) feet between the trash cart and recycling cart.
  • No, recyclables should go in the cart loose (not bagged).
  • The exception is shredded paper, which should be placed in tied-off clear bags and then in the recycling cart.
  • As a reminder, we will no longer be accepting plastic bags (i.e. grocery bags) in the new recycling program.  Please return your plastic bags to Kroger, Walmart, or any participating plastic bag take back store.
  • You may keep your old recycling bin for your personal use, or you may place it in the new sixty-four (64)-gallon cart to be recycled.
  • Yes, if you find you no longer need the ninety-six (96)-gallon trash cart, you may trade it for a sixty (60)-gallon trash cart at no extra charge.  Call 311 to arrange this service.
  • To be entered into weekly drawings as a reward for recycling, register one time only at www.regionalrecycling.org or call 501-340-8787.