Sustainability is when social equity,

environmental health, and economic growth

are available for current generations

and protected for future generations.


Improving Recreation Access to the Fourche Creek: On May 9, 2017 a brand new boat ramp was unveiled at Benny Craig park! The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission also announced that the stretch of Fourche Creek between Benny Craig and Interstate Park has been designated as the first Urban Water Trail in Arkansas. A Marine Fuel Tax grant from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission funded the boat ramp and it will be maintained by the Little Rock Parks Department. There is new signage identifying the boat ramp. Get out and enjoy the beauty of one of the largest urban wetlands in the country! 


Starting June 5th recycling will be offered to all residents in unincorporated parts of Pulaski County! Read more about the program by clicking here or visiting 



The Sustainability Office is run by our Sustainability Coordinator, Melinda Glasgow. For 8 years she has been diligently working to make Little Rock a more sustainable community and has earned the title "Recycling Guru." You can contact her at or at 501-371-4646.

Melinda is supported by the Recycling and Sustainability Program Educator, Tabitha Faith Mullins. Faith is a local to Little Rock who recently graduated from Hendrix College with a degree in Biology; she is passionate about sustainability, public policy and Little Rock. You can contact her at or at 501-371-4586.