2020 Sustainability Roadmap 

Everyone has a vision about what our City needs to become by 2020. With your input, the City has developed an achievable Sustainability Roadmap composed of goals that will both save precious resources and add quality to the lives of all our citizens. 

The 2020 Sustainability Roadmap goals were established in 2015 and each is a work in progress. For additional information please contact Melinda Glasgow at mglasgow@littlerock.gov or Faith Mullins at tmullins@littlerock.gov.

To view the entire 2020 Sustainability Roadmap, including descriptions of each goal, click on the red image below.   



2020 Sustainability Roadmap goals are works in progress. The yellow graphic below can be used to determine the years during which each goal will be a focus of the work of the Sustainability Officer. If the box for a past year is darkened then it indicates that the necessary steps to achieve the goal were completed. If the box for the current year or a future year are darkened then it indicates that is the year that the Sustainability Officer will focus on achieving that goal.