$250,000 Grant to Help City Build First All-Inclusive Playground

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Wednesday, Feb 03, 2021

Media Release

City of Little Rock Public Relations (501) 371-4421

L. Lamor Williams

The City of Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department has been awarded a $250,000 grant to make upgrades that include mini-pitch soccer and new playground at Wakefield Park and an “unlimited playground” at MacArthur Park respectively.

The City received a $250,000 matching grant from the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism. The grant requires a minimum match of 50 percent. In addition to these funds, the MacPark Group, a dedicated group of supporters of the park, is coordinating with the City to raise additional funds for a larger playground feature.

“This grant is not just helping us make much needed improvements – it’s helping us build the first all-inclusive playground in the City of Little Rock,” said John Eckart, Director of Parks and Recreation. “This is a historic milestone for our city. Every child, regardless of physical ability, should be able to enjoy the outdoors and play with friends.”

The “unlimited playground” will accommodate children regardless of their challenges and will be an easy place for adults with disabilities, wounded veterans and senior citizens to bring children to play, Eckart said.

Work on the mini-pitch courts at Wakefield Park will begin this spring and includes surface repairs and acrylic sports coating, as well as Musco Lighting’s Mini-Pitch System with game walls, built-in goals, lockable storage, seating, cup holders, ADA-accessible gates to the mini-pitch surface.

For information on how to donate to the MacPark Group, visit https://www.macarthurparklr.org


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