City Announces BUILD Academy Small Business Incubator

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Friday, Apr 16, 2021

Media Release

City of Little Rock Public Relations (501) 371-4421

Stephanie Jackson | (c) 501 539 3960 |

The application process is now open for the City of Little Rock’s new BUILD Academy, officials announced Friday.

BUILD, an acronym for Businesses United In Leadership Development is a free 12-week small business incubator that will serve as a front door for current and future business owners in Little Rock as the City works to create new jobs, level the playing field, reduce economic injustice, and connect potential with opportunity during our rebuild efforts. Students in BUILD Academy will explore topics including business foundations, financial management, operations, marketing, and sales.

The Small Business Development Office will host BUILD Academy at the historic Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center on 12th Street. BUILD will later have satellite locations at various Little Rock Community Centers and Neighborhood Resource Centers to create a hyper-local opportunity for businesses to thrive and collaborate in different parts of the city.

The first cohort of BUILD Academy will begin Fall 2021. A link to apply can be found on the homepage. For more information, contact the Small Business Development Office – or 501-379-1555.