City Supports Various Homeless Services Providers

Seal of Little Rock
Monday, Feb 15, 2021

Media Release

City of Little Rock Public Relations (501) 371-4421

L. Lamor Williams

The City is working with homeless services providers to ensure that those experiencing homelessness have safe shelter.

One of the service providers, The Van, has been operating since last Wednesday at the Hall of Industry on the Arkansas State Fairgrounds, serving those in need. The nonprofit was instrumental in making the arrangements to make the facility an emergency shelter.

Little Rock Police Department and Little Rock Fire Department staff are providing transportation for any unsheltered residents they encounter. 


About the City of Little Rock’s Response to COVID-19
Residents may visit for all information about the City’s efforts related to COVID-19, including the newly created Small Business Emergency Assistance Program. Volunteers are needed to assist with the grab-and-go feeding efforts for vulnerable populations, including students and seniors. Sign up at The Little Rock Cares Emergency Relief Fund benefits the grab-and-go feeding effort and the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE). Donations of PPE are also accepted. Donate here or visit and click on the Little Rock Cares Emergency Relief Fund button. Follow the City of Little Rock on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @CityLittleRock.