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Monday, Dec 21, 2020

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Keep the Wreath Green Reminds Residents of Holiday Fire Safety

The Little Rock Fire Department would like to ask the residents to help “Keep The Wreath Green.”  Keep The Wreath Green is a holiday program that the LRFD has been participating in since 2016. It was designed to raise awareness of the dangers of fires during the holiday season. 

During the month of December, wreaths with green bulbs are placed at each of City’s four battalion houses.  Anytime a fire occurs in an occupied structure and makes it uninhabitable, a red bulb replaces a green bulb.  This a great visual representation for citizens and works as a measuring tool for how many fires have occurred and how well the citizens are doing with fire prevention.  The program runs until the end of the year and currently the wreath has 16 red bulbs on it.  In 2019 the wreath ended with 24 red bulbs.

Cooking fires remain the top cause of fires in the home during the holidays, but are not the only source of fires at this time of year.  As the weather gets colder in Little Rock, residents turn to heating systems to provide warmth and comfort.  This includes furnaces, fireplaces, and sometimes space heaters.  Residents should have furnaces and fireplaces inspected each year by a licensed professional to ensure safe operation. Remember to keep flammable materials at least 36 inches away from space heaters. 

The mission of the Little Rock Fire Department is to provide immediate fire and emergency medical service in a professional and efficient manner.  The citizens can help us with that by activating the 911 system as soon as possible. 

WATCH: Fire Safety Message from Chief Delphone Hubbard.