Mayor Frank Scott, Jr., Police, Fire Unions Achieve One-Year Agreements, Includes New Minority Representation

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Saturday, Jan 30, 2021

Media Release

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On Wednesday, Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. announced, for the first time in the City’s history, one-year employee agreements accepted by unified negotiation teams for both fire and police employees—the International Association of Fire Fighters and Fire Leaders Actively Maintaining Equality (FLAME) for fire fighters and the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police and Black Police Officers Association (BPOA) for police officers. Both agreements also include minority representation from FLAME and BPOA for all contract discussions during the 2021 agreement period.


“Bringing minority organizations to the negotiating table for police and fire contract talks has never happened before, and I’m proud of the work of our team to bring it to fruition,” Mayor Scott said. “We are charting a new course of unity for Little Rock, one that insures all voices are represented.”


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