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Monday, Jul 11, 2005

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Contact(s): Nat Banihatti, PE Traffic System Engineer Little Rock Public Works Department (501) 379-1818

TRAFFIC ADVISORY --Landscaping and Trees Not to Obscure STOP Signs

(Little Rock, AR – July 11, 2005) Landscaping and trees near street intersections frequently obscure traffic control signs.  This can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.   A driver who cannot see a Stop sign might proceed through an intersection into the path of oncoming traffic.
The City’s Code (Section 32-8 – Obstructions to visibility at intersections) requires that owners of real property located at intersections maintain their property, including landscaping and trees, in a manner that does not obscure the visibility of traffic control signs.  This is particularly critical for Stop and Yield signs.
When Traffic Engineering is notified of such a situation, it is taken care of as soon as practical.  However, assistance of property owners and residents is still needed with trimming of vegetation near such signs on a regular basis to preclude these problems.
City crews from Public Works Operations and the Urban Forester in Parks and Recreation will trim bushes and trees when they see an obscured sign.  Problems with visibility of signs can be reported to Public Works at 918-3600.