Code Enforcement Division

Complaints regarding trash, high grass and weeds, overgrown lots, illegal dumping and non-running automobiles on private property are investigated by Code Enforcement Officers assigned to the Code Enforcement Division.  Code Enforcement Officers also enforce ordinances regarding graffiti and vacant, unsecured, residential structures, as well as dilapidated structures. Citizens can report these violations to their Neighborhood Resource Centers or by telephoning the central complaint reporting number at 3-1-1.

Code Enforcement Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for citizens within the City of Little Rock by enforcing all existing laws in an exemplary manner.  We will uphold the constitutional property rights of all citizens to ensure due process with fairness and consistency.  We will strive to inspire public confidence and trust in our profession by performing our duties with honor, integrity, truthfulness and fairness.  We will always strive to become more knowledgeable of our profession through continuous training and education.

Minimum Housing Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officers also investigate violations of the Little Rock Minimum Housing Code. Examples of these violations include property owners who fail to maintain their residences or accessory buildings, allowing them to fall in to a state of disrepair or structures that have sustained fire damage.

* The Little Rock City Code Amendment Chapter 8, Article IX 

Neighborhood Beautification

This program provides opportunities for neighborhood associations to contract with the City of Little Rock to cut weed lots in their own neighborhoods.  Neighborhood Beautification may also provide summer employment opportunities for youth as well as fixed-income citizens through their respective neighborhood associations.  For additional information, please contact the Code Enforcement Contracts Section at 501-565-7119.  

Demolition of Unsafe Residential Structures

Residential structures that have been declared unsafe for occupancy by Code Enforcement are submitted to the Little Rock City Board of Directors for condemnation approval.  Once officially condemned, the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs awards contracts for the demolition of these structures and supervises the demolition process to ensure that the site is brought in to full compliance with City Ordinance.

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For More Information

Terry Hall, Interim Manager
Code Enforcement Division
Willie L. Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center
3805 W. 12th St. Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 379-1511

Code Enforcement Ordinances 

Code Enforcement Ordinances