Metal Recycling

What metal items are accepted? 

Only metal cans and certain aluminum items should be placed in the recycling.


If the item is not on the "GOes" side, it does not belong in your curbside bin! It will mess with the sorting process at the recycling facility. Instead, collect metal items and take them to one of the two metal recycling companies in Little Rock.

Also check out the Green Station and Special Items pages for items not listed here.

Please lightly rinse your soda cans before placing them in the recycle cart. 

Any type of food grade metal can is accepted in recycling. Make sure it is clean before placing it in your cart! 

You can recycle aluminum foil as long as it is CLEAN! Roll it into a ball and toss it in.

You can recycle aluminum serving trays as long as it is CLEAN! 

You can recycle pie tins as long as they are CLEAN! 

Common mistakes we see in recycling bins. . .