Light Bulb Recycling

Incandescent light bulbs and Halogen bulbs do not contain hazardous materials and can safely be thrown in the household trash or recycled at BatteriesPlus+

Fluorescent light bulbs come in various shapes from long 4-8 foot tubes to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs should never be thrown away in household trash. These tubes and  bulbs contain mercury, which is toxic to humans and pets.


Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs include trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, so don't throw them away! At this time, LEDs are not accepted at the Green Station. Take LEDs to BatteriesPlus+. You can also check your local hardware store to see if they recycle LED bulbs.

  • There might be a small charge associated with LED recycling at BatteriesPlus+. You can call them to check at 501-224-2852.

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If your item is not accepted at the Green Station, and it's not listed on the Special Items page, please contact us at or at 501-371-4646.