Battery Recycling

Learn where to take your batteries using the two columns below. You can find information about battery recycling based on the battery type or the business that recycles batteries


Battery Types 

AA, AAA, C, D, & Rechargeable (alkaline batteries):

Camera Batteries (nickel metal hydride): 

Cell Phone & Laptop Batteries (lithium ion/polymer): 

Car Batteries (lead acid): every store that sells car batteries should have a car battery recycling program 

Cordless Tool Batteries (nickel cadmium): 

Hearing Aid Batteries and similar (coin cells): 


Businesses that Recycle Batteries 

Batteries + Bulbs

Acceptable Batteries: Alkaline Batteries* (AAA, AA, C, D), Lithium Coin Cells* (hearing aids, car fobs), Lead Acid (car batteries), Lithium ion* (phones, laptops), Nickel cadmium (cordless tools), Nickel Metal Hydride (cameras)

Acceptable Lights: 1' - 4' Fluorescent Tubes*, 5' - 8' Fluorescent Tubes*, Ubend/Circuline*, CFLs*, LED Tubes*, Halogen bulbs*, HID bulbs*, and ballasts*

* = fees apply

Little Rock Green Station

(free to residents)

  • AA
  • AAA
  • C
  • D
  • 9 volt

Autozone/Advanced Auto Parts/Fire Stone/Walmart:

  • car batteries (lead acid) 


Learn More: 

If you want to learn more about batteries, here are excellent online resources:

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