Prescription Drug Recycling

Prescription drugs should never be disposed of in the landfill or flushed down toilets. Always take any unused drugs to a drug take back location to ensure proper disposal of all types of medication. 

There are six (6) medicine take back locations in Little Rock. Visit the Arkansas Take Back website to find the location nearest to you. 



The Little Rock Police Station located at 700 W. Markham has a 24 hour drug take back station (image left).

When you walk into the station turn left and there will be a locked door with signage for the drop off. You can bring any sort of medicine to this take back location, no questions asked.  

Recycle these medicine containers*

*You can recycle empty white medicine bottles in your household recycle cart. They are made of a type of plastic that is easy to recycle. 

Do not recycle these medicine containers**

**Do not put yellow medicine bottles in your recycle cart. They are made of a mixture of plastics that are difficult and expensive to recycle. 

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