Scrap Metal Recycling

Several businesses in Central Arkansas will take your scrap metal whether it's from an individual or business. It is recommended that you call first to confirm that these companies will take your item. 

A downtown Little Rock option is Sol Alman, located at 1300 East 9th Street. Phone: 501-372-5222

If you are in West Little Rock you can take your scrap metal to ABC Salvage and Scrap Metal, located at 8116 Stagecoach Road. Phone: 501-455-2225.

Scrap metal recycling companies will not accept items that may contain refrigerants. These items range from refrigerators to dehumidifiers. Learn how to properly dispose of these items on our Large Appliances web page

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If your item is not accepted at the Green Station, and it's not listed on the Special Items page, please contact us at or at 501-371-4646.