Procedure Guidelines

0010  Procedure Guideline Format  

General – City Employees 

1010  Tuition Aid Program

1020  Employee Recognition Program

1021  Employee Relief Fund

1025  Community Service Award

1032  Crisis Leave Donation Program

1035  Employee Volunteer Activities

1036  Volunteer for City Activities

1038  Police Officer Referral Program for City Employees

1039  Police Hiring Incentive Program for Police Recruits

1040  Purchase of Personal Items

1045  Flag Etiquette

1047  CLR Municipal Identification Card Program

1052  Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Disclosure

1055  Concealed Weapons/Firearms on City Property

1065  Employee Bike to Work Program

1070  Employee Parking

1075  Correcting Errors in Leave Balances

1080  Smoking Ban in City-Occupied Facilities and Operated Vehicles

1085  Gifts and Gratuities

1090  Healthy Vending

1095  Health Insurance Extension for Dependents of City Employees Killed in the Line of Duty


Office of the City Manager 

2010  Board of Directors Agenda Preparation

2020  Management Authority

2025  Citizen Complaints and Board of Directors Action Requests

2040  Records Center Management

2050  Freedom of Information Act Requests

2060  Municipal Cable Television System

2061  Retention of Videotape Recordings of Little Rock City Board of Directors Meetings

2080  Board of Directors/Staff Relations

2085  Board of Directors Events

2090  Grants Procurement, Development, Compliance and Accountability 

2095  Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures for Tax-Exempt Qualified Obligations



3010  Budget Transfers

3015  Annual Contracts (APOs) 

3020  Travel Expenses

3021  Purchase of Personal Items and Personal Expenses Reimbursement Request

3022  Personal Long Distance Telephone Calls

3030  Car Allowance

3035  Internet Allowance

3040  Inventory of Equipment

3050  Sale of City Property

3060  Petty Cash and Petty Charge

3065  Red Flag Rules

3070  Billing Individuals Causing Damage to City Facilities

3075  Recovery of Cost for Hazardous Material Response

3080  Accepting Financial Institution Drafts (Checks)

3090  Activity (Special Project) Closing

3110  Fine Refunds

3120  Voucher Check Scheduling

3130  Solicitation Permits – Non-Profit Organizations

3140  Licensing of Profit Making Solicitations

3150  Classification of Employees versus Independent Contractors

3155  Equipment Leases

3160  Print Shop Services 


Little Rock Police Department 

4010  Telecommunications System

4011  Central Control Systems

4015   800 MHZ Radio System Installation and Programming Work Orders


Fleet Services  

4020   Fleet Unit Administration

4030   Accident Review Committee

4050   Fleet Unit Accidents

4055   Utilization of City-Owned Fleet Units

4060   Additional Fleet Unit Purchases

4065   Fleet Unit Disposal

4070   Replacement Fleet Unit Purchases

4080   Preventative Maintenance

4085   Fleet Unit Anti-Idling

4090   Fleet Unit Repairs and Maintenance

4100   Fleet Unit Pool

4200   Fleet Unit Abuse


Public Works

5010   Regulatory (Stop, Yield, Etc.) Signage Requests

5020   Fire Lane Signage

5030   Traffic Signal Installation

5040   Parking Removal

5050   Permit Refund

5060   Code of Compliance for City Projects

5070   Landfill Credit Policies


Parks and Recreation 

6020   Special Events in the Parks

6030   Bands, Oration-Speeches in the Parks


Planning and Zoning 

7010   Quality Growth

7020   Special Improvement District Assessment

7030   Zoning Enforcement (Includes Extraterritorial Areas)

7040   Mapping and Graphics

7060   Notification Procedures:  Voluntary Annexation

7070   Subdivision Enforcement (Includes Extraterritorial Areas)

7075   Disposition of City-Owned Properties within the “Original City” 

7080   Investigation and Confirmation of Non-Conforming Uses


Housing and Neighborhoods 

7085   Boarding and Securing Structures

7090   Graffiti Removal 


Information Technology 

8010   Digital Equipment and Software Systems

8020   City-Wide Networks

8025   Disaster Recovery Plan

8030   Records Retention for Facebook

8035   Mobile Device Security

8040   Network Security