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The Planning and Development Department provides the primary staff for the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, City Beautiful Commission, Historic District Commission, River Market Design Review Committee, and Midtown Redevelopment Advisory Board.

Planning Commission

The Little rock Planning Commission was created by Little Rock City Code Section 23-26,27.  The Little Rock Planning Commission meets every other Thursday, with a filing deadline generally six weeks prior to the hearing date.  The duties of the Commission are to promote public interest and understanding of long-range, coordinated municipal planning; to review proposed subdivisions; and to make zoning recommendations to the Board of Directors.  The Planning Director functions as the secretary for the Commission and develops the minute record for the Commission.  The Commission reviews Planned Zone Developments (PZD) and Subdivisions at one hearing; Zoning cases, Conditional Use and Special Use Permits as well as Plan changes at an other.  Once every six (6) weeks the Commission meets to discuss an issue or issues at more length in an 'Informal' meeting. 

The calendar for the Commission is set at the beginning of each year.  The calendar establishes the filing deadlines, committee meetings and Public hearing dates for the year.  As part of the Commission's efforts to make public items they will review, both the legal advertisement and meeting agenda are posted on this site.  The Commission hearings are broadcast on Cable Channel 11.

All applications to the Planning Commission must be filed at our offices, 723 West Markham Street, by the filing deadline established on the Commission's calendar.  For additional information contact Dana Carney (501) 371-6817.

Board of Adjustment

The Little Rock Board of Adjustment was created by Little Rock Code of Ordinances, Section 36-66 et seq.  The Board of Adjustment meets once a month (typically the last Monday of each month at 2 PM in the Board Chambers of City Hall).  The duties of the Board are to consider requests for variances from the requirements set forth in the City's Zoning Ordinance and to consider appeals of administrative decisions relating to the Zoning Ordinance.   The Board of Adjustment sets their calendar at the beginning of the year.  This establishes the filing deadlines and public hearing dates for the year.  The Board's agenda is available one (1)-week prior to the meeting, with the minute records available after the meeting.

Applications for variances must be completed and returned to our offices, 723 West Markham Street, by the filing deadline established by the Board of Adjustment on their calendar.  For additional information contact Monte Moore (501) 371-4792.

City Beautiful Commission

In October 1976, the City Beautiful Commission was created by Little Rock Code 15-26,27.  The goal of the Commission is to 'raise the level of community expectation for the quality of its environment'.  The City Beautiful Commission meets once a month.  The Commission reviews requests for variances from sections of the Landscape Ordinance.  The Commission's 'charge' is to also promote public interest in the general improvement of the appearance of the City; provide environmental policy direction and guidance to the Board of Directors; and establish subject to the Board of Directors approval, regulations of aesthetic quality for public and private lands and improvements.  

The City Beautiful Commission adopts an annual calendar with filing deadlines and meeting dates for that year.  Applications for a Landscape Variance must be completed and returned to our offices, 723 West Markham Street, by the filing deadline established by the City Beautiful Commission on their calendar.  For those filing variances with the City Beautiful Commission are generally related to:  the Buffer Ordinance (1/2006); Landscape Ordinance (1/2009); and Parking Ordinance (1/2006). For additional information contact Darren 'Tracy' Spillman (501) 371-4864.

Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission meets once a month, on the second Monday of the month.  The Commission reviews cases within the one local historic district -- MacArthur Park.  The Commission reviews requests to be allowed to make changes, additions, or alterations to the exterior of structures within the District via a Certificate of Appropriateness.  The Guidelines provide information about the requirements that must be met prior to undertaking construction, demolition, and certain other changes to property located within the MacArthur Park Historic District.

The Little Rock Historic District Commission sets their calendar at the beginning of each year.  The calendar includes the filing deadlines for meetings and public hearings for the year.  The Certificate of Appropriateness application must be completed and returned to our offices at 723 West Markham Street by the filing deadline on the calendar. Pre-application reviews are mandatory for all infill construction and are recommended for any project in the district. The current agenda is available here.

The Homeowners' and Investors' Handbook for Historic Properties contains information pertinent to all properties within the twenty-one (21) National Register Districts throughout the City, as well as downtown and midtown neighborhoods.  It contains information from various City Departments and other organizations that is beneficial to property owners and potential investors.  Tax Credits are available for rehabilitation of certain historic structures.  The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program has information on Rehabilitation Tax Credits.  Act 498 of 2009 established state tax credits for Historic preservation rehabilitation. A map of all twenty-one National Register Historic Districts is located here.

The Historic District Commission is interested in not only the history of the MacArthur Park area, but also the history of Little Rock as a whole.  To this end heritage tourism information has been developed.  For additional information contact Brian Minyard (501) 371-4789.

River Market Design Review Committee

The River Market Design Review Committee meets once a month (Meeting Calendar).  The Committee was formed in 1996 to protect the "visual integrity" of the River Market District.  The River Market Design Overlay District was created to provide a festive, pedestrian-oriented area with a quality mixture of commercial, office and residential uses.  The Review Committee reviews changes to the exteriors of buildings (additions, renovations, signage, etc.) within the River Market Overlay District.  If variances to the River Market Design Overlay District Ordinance are needed, the Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Adjustment on the appropriateness of variance(s).  The application must be completed and returned to our offices at 723 West Markham Street by the filing deadline on the calendar.  If you would like to be notified via email of the upcoming items on the agenda, please contact Brian Minyard (501) 371-4789.

Midtown Redevelopment Advisory Board

The Midtown Redevelopment Advisory Board meets on Fridays at 8:30 AM in the Second Floor Conference Room on the second floor of Little Rock City Hall. The Board reviews issues within the Midtown Redevelopment District Number 1.  The Board sets an annual calendar of meeting dates. The Midtown Redevelopment District #1 Advisory Board has developed a 'Statement of Design and Programming Expectations' to help guide development decisions within the district, you are encouraged to review them prior to submitting a development to the City for review. For additional information or questions about the Midtown Development Advisory Board, contact Walter Malone (501) 371-6819.



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