Treasury Management Division

The Treasury Management Division oversees the collections of City revenues. The Division ensures that collections are accurate and timely. The Treasury Manager oversees the investment of the City portfolio and ensures ample cash flow to meet anticipated expenditures. The Division also assists in the management of the City’s bond issues and forecasts revenues to identify any trends in economic activity. The Treasury Management Division is responsible for administering business licenses and various other licenses and permits. Please use the links below to make payments online, learn about various State and local tax rates in Little Rock, learn about the City’s major revenue sources and everything else you need to know to start a business in Little Rock.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this site, please don’t hesitate to call us at (501) 371-4568.

Scott Massanelli
Treasury Manager



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Business License and Tobacco Permit renewals are due by January 1, 2024.

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Treasury Division Contact Information




Scott Massanelli

Interim Chief Financial Officer

(501) 371-4532

Amanda McKinney

Treasury Operations Analyst

(501) 371-4567

Carol Freeman

Revenue Collector

(501) 371-4645

Feleica Omoware

Revenue Collector

(501) 371-4438

Tyesha Newby-Heard

Bond Accountant

(501) 371-4559 

Devin Bryant 

Treasury Specialist

(501) 371-4570

Connor Jones

Treasury Assistant

(501) 371-4568

Demetria Keels

Office Assistant II

(501) 371-4547 

Kimberly Ransom

Collections Supervisor

(501) 371-4878

Audrey Westmoreland

Accounting Clerk-SR

(501) 371-4648

Myra Underwood

Accounting Clerk II

(501) 371-4648