What to Recycle

The "GO's and NO's" of the Little Rock Curbside Recycling Program

Recycle This...

#1 and #2 plastic bottles

Mixed paper, paper junk mail, magazines, paperback books (no hardback), catalogs, newspaper, cardboard boxes

Aluminum, Steel, and Tin cans

If the item is not on this short list of accepted items then you should NOT place it in your recycle cart. 

Not This...

Plastic produce containers, to-go containers, and other clam shell containers

Plastic bags and utensils

Paper cups, paper plate, coffee cups or paper towels

Aerosol Cans

Glass. Learn where to recycle glass on the glass recycling webpage

Mixed Materials cannot be recycled. A mixed material is an item that is made of two or more materials.

Chip bags are a mixed material. They are made of plastic and metallic film. 

Food cans like the one above are a mixed material. They are made of metal, paper, and plastic. 

Coat hangers are another example of a mixed material. They are usually metal and plastic or metal and wood. Do not put any type of coat hanger in your recycle cart.