Paper Recycling

What paper items are accepted? 

Most paper, cardboard, and cartons are accepted in the curbside bin. Do not recycle anything that is contaminated with food, or any mixed materials, such as to-go hot coffee cups.

When in doubt, find out! For items not listed here, check out the Green Station and Special Items pages, or contact the Sustainability Office at 501-371-4646, or

You can recycle pizza boxes as long as they are NOT GREASY. 

Junk mail is accepted in recycling. You DO NOT have to remove the thin plastic window. 

The inner roll of paper towels and toilet paper are accepted in recycling. 

Cardboard boxes are accepted items. You do not have to remove the tape unless there is an excessive amount of tape (3 or more layers of tape). 

Do you have more cardboard than will fit in your bin? Cardboard can be picked up weekly. Leave any cardboard boxes on the curb by 7am the day after your trash pickup.

Cereal boxes and other similar boxes are accepted. Just make sure to remove the plastic bag before you place the box in your recycle cart.  



Paper bags are accepted in recycling. 

You can recycle soft cover books. If you have a hard cover book that you want to recycle, just make sure to cut the hard cover off before you put the pages in your recycle cart. 

Beverage cartons are now accepted materials in the curbside recycling program. Please make sure the carton is empty and clean.

Shred only what is absolutely necessary and place in a paper bag with the top stapled or taped shut. Write "shred" on the paper bag before you place it in your recycle cart.


Newspaper and Office paper are accepted in recycling. Staples are fine but please remove paper clips and binder clips. Please do not put laminated paper in your recycle cart. 

Sticky notes are accepted in recycling. 

Empty tissue boxes are accepted items. You do not have to remove the plastic window piece, but it would be great if you did. 

Grease covered paper and cardboard is very difficult to recycle because the grease holds the fibers together during the recycling process. Please do not put greasy pizza boxes in your recycle cart. 


To-go containers are not accepted in recycling. 

Coffee cups are not accepted in recycling due to their wax or plastic liner. Please do not recycle any paper products that are capable of containing a liquid. 

Do not put paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper in your recycle cart. The fibers in these items are very short and therefore not able to be recycled into new paper content. Compost them instead!

Please do not put these types of to-go soup containers in your recycle cart. They are lined with either wax or plastic which is not recyclable. 

Do not recycle any paper that has had food on it like a paper plate or paper bowl. Not only could these items be contaminated with food, they are often lined with a non-recyclable wax or plastic. 

If you put your shredded paper in a clear plastic bag your recycle cart might not be emptied because plastic bags are not accepted. It is best to put shredded paper in paper bags.