Newspaper, white office paper, junk mail, magazines, brown paper bags, phone books, cereal boxes, and envelopes can all be commingled in recycling cart. Please place shredded paper in a tied-off clear bag.

Carton Containers

Aseptic drink boxes; gable-top containers like orange juice, milk, and soy milk containers.

Plastic Bottles and Containers # 1 - 5 and # 7

Include tubs, lids, caps, mixed rigid plastics like laundry baskets, plastic toys, large plastic tubs, and containers from potted plants. (Return plastic bags to retailer.)

Aluminum and Steel Cans

Any beverage, fruit, vegetable, and soup can may be recycled.

Aerosol Cans

Aluminum Foil and Pie Tins


Rinse out containers before putting them in your bin. All clear, brown, and green glass bottles and jars are accepted.

Corrugated Cardboard

Flatten cardboard to place inside cart. Cart lid must be able to close.

Pots and Pans

All household metals; pots, pans, cookware (no glass tops), aluminum food and beverage containers; and tin-coated steel food and beverage containers.

Please do not place plastic bags, wire or plastic hangers, styrofoam, trash, or food into your recycling bin. Also window panes, light bulbs, mirrors or ceramics are not allowed.

Plastic Bags

Please do not put any sort of plastic bag in your recycling cart. Even if your plastic bag has a recycling symbol, it absolutely cannot go into your recycling cart! These act as tanglers during the sorting process and get caught in equipment. Additionally, plastic bags often get sorted into the paper stream because they act more like paper than plastic bottles. This leads to contamination of our paper and makes it more difficult for the recycling facility to support itself. 

Sandwich Bags

 Please do not put sandwich bags in your recycling cart. These pose the same problems as plastic bags. 

Chip Bags and Candy Wrappers

Chip bags and candy wrappers are not made out of materials that are easily recyclable. We cannot accept these in our recycling here in Little Rock. Most recycling programs do not accept these types of materials. 

Light bulbs

You may think that light bulbs can go into your recycling cart because they have glass in them, however we absolutely cannot accept light bulbs in our recycling system. They contain toxic metals that must be disposed of properly. Learn how to properly dispose of light bulbs on our "Other Recyclables" web page. 

Mirrors and Window Glass