Recycle This...

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Containers


Mixed Paper

Paper Bags

Cardboard Boxes


Aluminum Cans

Not This...

Plastic Bags

Plastic Silverware

Milk Cartons (& all other cartons) 

Paper Bowls, Cups, and Plates

Paper Towels

Aerosol Cans 

Starting April 1st, 2019 glass is no longer accepted in residential recycling. Find your nearest glass recycling drop off location by visiting

Click here to learn more about glass recycling. 

Mixed Materials cannot be recycled. A mixed material is an item that is made of two or more materials.

Chip bags are a mixed material. They are made of plastic and metallic film. 

Food cans like the one above are a mixed material. They are made of metal, paper, and plastic. 

Coat hangers are another example of a mixed material. They are usually metal and plastic or metal and wood. Do not put any type of coat hanger in your recycle cart.