Administration is responsible for management and direction of all Planning and Development Divisions, ensuring all Departmental goals are met, with regards to administrative and employee services, implementation of policies and procedures, and employee training.


Planning & Development Administration

Jamie Collins, Director

Venita Harris, Administrative Assistant



The Planning Division provides mid and long range planning, historic preservation reviews and analysis, as well as technical support to the City. The Division prepares reviews and develops reports for Land Use amendments, Master Street Plan amendments, and review of zoning changes requested by various groups. The Planning Division Staff responds to requests for statistics, graphics and Geographic Information System (GIS) products.

The City does prepare 'plans' beyond the City limits. The City of Little Rock has set a Planning Boundary (sometimes called an extra-territorial jurisdiction boundary) that is approximate three (3) miles (as the crow flies) around the City. Within this area the City Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances are enforced. Due to this, the City Master Street Plan  and Land Use Plan are in effect beyond the City limits in the 'Planning Area'.  The Land Use Classifications are divided into several groupings by generalized use: Residential, Office, Commercial, Industrial, Mixed Use and Other.  The Land Use Plan Map and Master Street Plan/Bike Plan can be found with the 'Interactive Maps' button under "Helpful Information" on the Department's Main Page.

The Division provides the primary staff support for the Little Rock Historic Commission and River Market. The Land Use and Master Street Plan Amendment applications must be completed and returned to our offices at 723 West Markham Street by the filing dates.


Planning Staff

Historic Preservation, GIS, Land Use and Transportation Planning

Jeremy Gosdin
Planning Manager
(501) 371-6819


Hannah Ratzlaff
Urban Designer
(501) 371-4789
 Alice Anderson
 Planning Document Technician
 (501) 371-4813
Kevin Tarkington
(501) 371-4483
 Aaron 'Chris'  McDaniel
 Graphics/GIS Technician
 (501) 371-4779
Mark Mahar
GIS Programmer Analyst
(501) 371-6828



The Development Division reviews rezoning applications, subdivision plats, zoning interpretations, landscaping review, site plan reviews, sign and zoning enforcement.  The Division provides the primary staff support for the Little Rock Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and City Beautiful Commission.  Information and questions about zoning whether actual classifications, allowable uses or reclassification are handled by personnel of this Division, that can be contacted at (501) 371-4844.

Zoning and Subdivision regulations are the principal tools employed by the City of Little Rock in guiding the city objectives and plans to specified goals. They assure compatibility of uses while directing the placement of infrastructure and public services. Platting, rezoning and site development ordinances in the processes involved with rezoning or developing land are administered by this Division. Additionally, use permits, variances and enforcement are dealt with daily. The Division also acts as a resource agency for developers, realtors and other citizens when presented with requests for current zoning, plat status, development standards or statistical information.

Staff has developed a short definition for each zoning district within the Zoning Code to help give an idea of what use each of the Zone Classifications allows.


Development Staff

Administration; Landscape, Subdivision & Zoning Review

Bradley Jordan
Development Manager
(501) 371-6817
Felicia Jefferson
Administrative Technician
(501) 371-4790
Monte Moore
Development Administrator
(501) 371-4792
Romie Price
Plans Development Administrator
(501) 371-6821
  Rick Reynolds
Landscape Specialist
(501) 918-5321
Debra Stafford
Development Specialist
(501) 371-4565
Torrence Thrower
Development Specialist
(501) 371-4764

Zoning and Sign Enforcement

Paul Fimpel
Zoning & Enforcement Administrator
(501) 371-4865
Zoning Information, Verification & Complaints
(501) 371-4844
Fax:(501) 371-6863
Kevin Douthard
Code Enforcement Officer
(501) 371-4845
Brooks Lilly
Code Enforcement Officer
(501) 371-6829
Bryan Smith
Code Enforcement Officer
(501) 371-4846
Troy Harvey
Code Enforcement Officer
(501) 371-4411
Josiah 'Scott' McCalman
Code Enforcement Officer
(501) 371-4866
Keith Martin
Code Enforcement Officer
(501) 371-4863
(One (1) open position)
Code Enforcement Officer


Building Codes

The Building Codes Division issue construction related permits and provides plan review and inspection services with regard to building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical construction in the City of Little Rock. The primary goal of the Division is to protect the public health and safety through the administration and enforcement of these codes. Within the Building Codes Division there are six (6) working sections: Building Inspections; Electrical Inspections; Permits; Plan Review; Mechanical Inspections; and Plumbing/Gas Inspections.











Construction application: 


Information and Checklists:

Blast check list
Building Permit Fee Ordinance
Commercial Construction Information
Construction Codes for Little Rock
Demolition Permit check list
Documents Required to obtain a Building Permit
DOD Requirements and Procedures:
              Central High
Final Inspection check list
Fire Alarm sequence of events generic check list
Fire Districts Map
Fire Job check list
Landscape Plan Requirements
Site Utility Plan Requirements
Tenant Space Checklist
Townhouse Construction Compliance

Building Codes Staff

Administration, Permitting and Commercial Plan Review
Charles 'Chuck' Givens
Building Codes Manager
(501) 371-4828
 Terry Steele
 Permits Supervisor
 (501) 371-4449
Curtis Richey
Plans Examiner
(501) 371-4724
 Permit Information, Portal Assistance
 (501) 371-4832
 Fax: (501) 371-4546
Tim Whitener
Plans Examiner
(501) 371-4875
 Tracy Lucas
 Permit Technician
 (501) 371-4832
   Leslie McGee
 Office Assistant II
 (501) 371-4805


Daniel Herndon
Building Inspection Supervisor
(501) 371-4827 (Commercial)


Randy Baldwin
Building Property Maintenance Inspector
(501) 371-4834
 Russell Alvers
 Building Property Maintenance Inspector
 (501) 569-4187
James 'Derek' Deaton
Building Property Maintenance Inspector
(501) 371-4833
Michael Grayer
Electrical Inspection Supervisor
(501) 371-4837
 Randy Castillo
 Electrical Inspector
 (501) 371-4838
Jonathan Winans
Electrical Inspector
(501) 371-4836
Larry Kyzer
Mechanical Inspection Supervisor
(501) 918-5282
 Brett Christian
 Mechanical Inspector
 (501) 918-5292
Ronnie Campbell
Plumbing & Gas Inspection Supervisor
(501) 371-4840
 Wayne Shaw
 Plumbing & Gas Inspector       
 (501) 371-4842
Roger Havniear
Plumbing & Gas Inspector       
(501) 371-4841



The Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing plans, inspecting construction, and enforcing City ordinances, standards, codes, manuals, regulations, and construction specifications for subdivisions, commercial, office, and industrial developments within the City of Little Rock. The Engineering Division also reviews, inspects, and enforces for retaining walls, driveways, sidewalk, streets, stormwater drainage, and stormwater detention infrastructure for private development projects. The Engineering Division also oversees management and enforcement of the City of Little Rock National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Management and Floodplain Administration Programs with coordination with the Public Works Department. Engineering Division staff also prepare summaries of review comments for the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment City boards. Engineering staff may represent the Planning and Development staff at Board and Commission meetings to provide information, answer questions, and review alternative proposals.

Engineering Staff

Design Review, Environmental Compliance Engineer and Engineering Specialists 
Christopher Smith, P.E.
Design Review Manager
(501) 371-4817


Dylan Warner
Environmental Compliance Engineer
(501) 918-5348

 Quin Baber
 Engineering Specialist
 (501) 399-3470

Joel Rodriguez
Engineering Specialist
(501) 371-4688




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